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The Freedom

Business Coaching Session Questionnaire

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Coaching Session Preparation Form
Thank you for taking some time to review and answer these simple yet powerful questions in advance of our upcoming coaching session. This will allow us to review your answers in advance of the session and will help maximize our time together to help pinpoint the highest leverage places to focus on inside your business to grow it to the next level.
1. Which statement best describes your current business? *
2. How long has your business been in operation? *
3. What is your business's annual gross sales revenue? *
4. Including yourself, how many full time people work for your business? *
5. What is the single greatest business challenge that you are currently facing? *
6. Every business has one key factor that more than any other limits the growth of the business. In your business, what (or who) is the single biggest limiting factor in your business's growth and success? *
Pick ONE general area from the list then describe it below.
7. Please describe in detail this key limiting factor*:
8. What is your current exit strategy for your business? *
9. Based on your business stands today, which one of the following would most help you achieve your business goals? *
Please provide any additional details that you feel will help us better understand your business*
How did you hear about us?*